About Us

Not to be confused with re-enactors, History Squad is a professional company that teaches history in a dynamic and memorable way.

The company was set up in 1993 by Kevin Hicks.

Kevin has an amazing talent for inspiring people with his uncanny knack of making history fun, fascinating and relevant. His talents have taken him to America, Australia and all over the UK and Europe.

Having worked in both the military and civilian police, Kevin incurred an injury in 1990 that forced him to leave a job that he loved. He retired to Wales and in a bid to rehabilitate and get back into work, he carried out voluntary work teaching road safety; something he'd done whilst on a posting in Cyprus. This took Kevin into schools where a chance conversation with a teacher revealed he was a member of the English Civil War Society. He was soon invited, in full costume, to give a presentation complete with musketry display to excited children. It went down so well with the pupils and teachers that word soon spread and he was invited to another school. It was at this other school he happened to mention a traditional longbow his wife had bought him and coincidentally the medieval period was the subject the class were doing next....... History Squad was born; a whole squad of characters from history to enlighten and entertain you.

Today's historical interpretation market is far more demanding now than it was 20 years ago, and we recognise that it's vitally important to keep up with current trends. Now based in Warwickshire, History Squad has come a long way since those early days and is constantly improving its presentations and workshops to include more hands on activities and experiences.

The Team:

Good talent is hard to find; reliability even more so, that's why the History Squad team remains small and select.  We have a very small band of capable professionals, ranging from musicians to knights, whom we draft in to help us when required.

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60 Second Histories is one of the best Edtech Resources 2017
We’re delighted to announce that online teaching resource, 60 second histories, has been included on the list of ‘The 50 Best EdTech Resources of 2017’.  Published by Technology & Innovation magazine, the list celebrates what truly works in education and what has a particularly positive impact on teaching and learning at secondary school level.  60 second histories films have been written by Kevin Hicks of the History Squad.