Gunfire in Westminster
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 8th May 2012

In the shadow of the Houses of Parliament, I had the great pleasure of working at Westminster Under School last week.  Thankfully the school had the foresight to contact the local constabulary to warn them of the impending musketry display as we didn’t want the armed response team turning up to join in.

Before lunch, I gave a medieval presentation and stories on Crecy & Agincourt as Year 5 are going on a visit there this week.  Suffice to say they were bowled over by the archery demonstrations and will set off to France with a real knowledge and understanding of that time in history.

After lunch, we covered the Civil War.  The children were very well informed and we went on to debate the rights and wrongs of Charles 1.  The youngsters themselves came to the conclusion that the King was out of touch with his people and didn’t understand parliament but on the other hand he was a loving father and husband.  

David Kendall commented “Thank you so much for the most incredible day.  You have a real gift for connecting with the pupils and bringing the subject to life.  All the boys were buzzing after your talks, not only of the gory parts, but the way in which the whole period was brought to life.  Your ability to speak with such expertise and passion has allowed those off to Agincourt next week to gain a real awareness of that fateful day and the true cost of wars.” 

Thank you to David and the rest of the staff for being so welcoming and making my trip into the city a very enjoyable one.

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