History Squad Inspires Young Poet
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 24th November 2010

History Squad have been working with students for many years, providing inspiration for their creative writing as well as improving their understanding of history.  

Proof that our presentations and workshops really do help youngsters came recently when one young student won the Publishing House Me GTX Award for her superb poem entitled The Bowman. 

Rebecca (11) from Sandwell was inspired to write the poem following our guided tour and archery display at Goodrich Castle, which was organised by the West Midlands Gifted and Talented scheme.   

The Bowman: 
A poem about a bowman in the 'Hundred Years' war and what he is like

Long bow in hand,
Fighting for our land,
The Bowman...

Strong and proud.

Poised with might,
Soaring arrows in flight,
The Bowman...


Screams and pain,
The English reign,
The Bowman...

Stealer of life.

Shrieking arrows darken the sky,
Piercing the soldiers, watching them die,
The Bowman...


Souls haunt the battle field,
The last soldier drops his shield,
The Bowman...?

His ghost remains.


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