Posted by Kevin Hicks on 16th September 2012

This August bank holiday at Pendennis Castle, Cornwall we launched a brilliant new hands-on children’s activity – the Canon Race.   Instead of children watching history being re-enacted we wanted to give them a chance to re-create it themselves, by learning how to load and fire two ship’s canons, one French & one British.  The children raced against each other as gun crews and loaded the guns in correct sequence; the first one to fire scored a point for their team. 

The children embraced this activity and happily formed themselves into teams.  Age, height and size was no barrier, in fact one young man was distraught at being beaten by his little sister’s team. 

The Canon Race workshop can be used in relation to the Spanish Armada, Pirates, the French Revolution, the Battle of Trafalgar and of course Waterloo.  This is a great activity for Enrichment Days.

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60 Second Histories is one of the best Edtech Resources 2017
We’re delighted to announce that online teaching resource, 60 second histories, has been included on the list of ‘The 50 Best EdTech Resources of 2017’.  Published by Technology & Innovation magazine, the list celebrates what truly works in education and what has a particularly positive impact on teaching and learning at secondary school level.  60 second histories films have been written by Kevin Hicks of the History Squad.