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 With a proven track record in TV and film making, History Squad gives you the reassurance you need in hiring a presenter or consultant to work on your project.    

Presenter:  Having worked on many TV programs such as Blood & Guts (BBC); In Search of British Heroes (Channel 4) and Meat Shots (Goldfish Productions), Kevin’s talents are recognised best when he is presenting history with a true blend of passion and verve which has resulted in his own inimitable style.   

Consultant:  Kevin has assisted Bernard Cornwell as a research source for the character Thomas of Hookton for his fantastic trilogy of medieval novels: Harlequin, The Vagabond and The Heretic. Bernard acknowledges … “although I am a storywriter, Kevin is one of the finest storytellers I have ever heard”.  More recently Kevin was drafted in as a consultant to support an educational film project undertaken by the Rural Media Company called Roundheads & Cavaliers. 

Film Maker: Having always researched and written his own content for school workshops, Kevin knows how to engage young audiences.  He was first approached in 2008 to write 'Talk History' a series of film resources for examination board OCR, then in 2013 Oxford University Press comissioned Kevin to write over 85 short films.  Since then, Kevin has created 60 second histories for Squaducation, an online history resource for busy teachers which comprises of over 270 short films, lesson plans, support notes and a safe sharing platform for pupils.  

We are always looking for partners to work with on educational fillm project, so why not let History Squad be part of your next project?  Call us now on 01926 613700.

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60 Second Histories is one of the best Edtech Resources 2017
We’re delighted to announce that online teaching resource, 60 second histories, has been included on the list of ‘The 50 Best EdTech Resources of 2017’.  Published by Technology & Innovation magazine, the list celebrates what truly works in education and what has a particularly positive impact on teaching and learning at secondary school level.  60 second histories films have been written by Kevin Hicks of the History Squad.